Warning: Do Not Approach This Man

December 12 2011

A Flying Sporran Advisory

Harris Black is bad news. A lot of people know that. In fact there is a website dedicated to his activities which seems to be added to with ominous regularity.

This Canadian is one of these unstoppable conmen, blackmailers and fraudsters who now seems to have made Thailand his home, and even though complaints have been made against him in Pattaya, the police don’t get it. Much too complicated.

This guy stands accused of making fake job websites, fake complaints websites,  and making allegations against reputable people on the net, and then through another website charging for charging for taking the allegations down.

Check him out here at this link. www.harrisblackwatch.com

Currently he is being investigated over an incident at the View Talay apartments in Pattaya. But don’t count on anything coming out of it.

Readers have also contacted me telling that the Canadian Black, whose sexual history comes with convictions, is now trying to destroy people by accusing them on the net of being paedophiles.

While this might sound a bit like my old sparring parner ‘Dirty Dog’ Eric on Teakdoor.com its not. For Black it seems it’s a full time occupation.

You can read about Harris Black and the incident at View Talay on www.harrisblackwatch.com. Its the latest incident.

He uses numerous names on the net, including posing as a priest and a nun. He lurks on Craigslist and dating sites.

But meanwhile enjoy this video. It’s a bit dated (2006).  Its for a restaurant called ‘Eat Alls’ which challenges people to eat all they can for 99 baht.

If it’s still there I might try it. Seems ALL of their customers go/went there four or five times a week.

Harris Black starts a few minutes in. He’s ‘Harry’ from Montreal, the young balded headed guy. This video is a classic as it’s presented by Howard (Miller) when he was group leader of the Tourist police volunteers and boss of Pattaya City News. Enjoy. And don’t miss Khun Suchart. He’s a star!

Meanwhile Canadian TV has done umpteeen programmes on him including the one below featuring a ‘warning to women’.

But if the RCMP cannot get their man, or rather the courts there continue to merely dish him out fines, well who can deal with this guy? And how can we blame the local authorities?

Harris Black has answered below to this site. His answers suggest he is not playing with people and or attacking them on the net. They do not bear much scrutiny. He continues his internet ‘business’ and currently has put up allegations on the net accusing respectable people of indulging in pornography and paedophilia. His first targets are the companies these people work for, if he knows them.

He does that when people enrage him.

Here is a link to one man’s experience with him.


 And finally – fancy a date with this man?