American Visa Man Arrested On Child Rape Charge -UPDATED

American who exports Thai brides is alleged child rapist

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January 26 2012

The boss of what is Thailand’s biggest ‘visa’ company, specialising in getting Thai women into the United States has been seized for the rape of a 12-yr-old girl on and will appear in Pattaya court in April.

Brian Edward Wright, head of U.S. Immigration & Law, and ‘’ was seized in a Thai police operation, backed by United States officials from the Bangkok Embassy in Wireless Road.


In fact the operation was conducted with police from Chonburi Region 2, but there was little mention of the arrest in the local media, which sometimes causes for concern for child welfare groups as low profile cases can often be dealt with in an unnofficial way.

Wright, 55, (Passport No: 445684202) from Rhode Island, who once claimed to be a former Rhode island policeman, was arrested last October 4th at a hotel in Pattaya where the incident occured.

He is a close friend of American Drew Noyes, also 55, publisher of the ‘Pattaya-Times’ a local publication with a boasted 500,000 readership crowding round its 5,000 printed copies, and they have often been seen together in Pattaya.

Wright is godfather to one of Noyes’ eight Thai children.

A Thai woman, named as Charuwan ‘Jaa’ Yothee, has also been charged in the role of Wright’s procurer of the 12-yr-old girl. She had been arrested on October 2nd and it is alleged she provided the same 12-yr-old girl to a German national named Roland Malter.

Drew Noyes (left) & Brian Wright

A spokesman for FACE – Fight Against Child Exploitation – which monitors such cases said tonight: “We are monitoring this case. We believe there may be other victims.”


He boasts a 100 per cent success rate in his visa business and the internet is saturated with testimonials to his success. And in fact in this video he claims his company is the ‘only one on the planet’ which specialises solely on getting Thai women to the U.S. from Thailand.

Mr. Wright advertises that he gives part of his profits from his visa business to children’s charities in Thailand.



He claims that his company ‘US Immigration Law Thailand’ runs its own ‘Thailand Children’s Charity Project’  but does not stipulate how much he donates.


Above and below from Mr.Wright’s ‘MyThaiFiancee’ website

His charity work gives him easy access to children.

Both cases – Black case numbers 8899/2533 and 8841/2553 are due to be heard in Pattaya Provincial Court between April 24th and April 27th.

Above – Brian Wright’s ‘partial client list’.
The current charges relate to one girl aged 12, and relate to statutory rape, sexual abuse, and separating a minor from her parents.
The monitoring of Wright’s case is now quite normal, but the agency involved has been informed of Noyes’ claims that he is personal friends of the judges in the Chonburi Region of Thailand.


Wright recently came to the attention of as the person who recommended American Stuart Furstman to Drew Noyes.

Noyes subsequently persuaded New York publisher Furstman to buy his Pattaya home in the name of his Thai mistress, Wanrapa Boonsu, right, the nominal editor of the Pattaya Times newspaper.


Their relationship ended in vicious Facebook exchanges .

In fact Drew Noyes claims in the Pattaya Times (partner paper of the Bangkok Post) that he is writing a book together with the Chief Justice of Chonburi seemingly about Andrew Drummond’s libels (see below)  – though of course it is quite probable that Chief Judge Visith Sripibool does not know.

Last year Drew Noyes held a ‘legal seminar’ for expats at Pattaya City Hall claiming it to be a runaway success.

A United States Embassy spokesman: “While we cannot comment on the specifics of this case, the United States values our cooperation with Thailand on law enforcement issues and cases, including this one.”

 Writing a book together! Drew Walter Noyes and Chief Judge Visith Sripibool?

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