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The Flying Sporran – February 12 2012
Off to the American Chamber of Commerce Installation Ball at the Grand Hyatt Erawan to see if I can get my own picture of Thailand’s greatest living American with U.S. Ambassador Kristie Kenney.

But alas, Drew Walter Noyes, 55*, publisher of the Pattaya Times, the most re-assuring friendly and professional businessman to have made Thailand his home, was a no show.

In fact, no sooner than I had mentioned his name than I was buried under a bundle of documents and shown the ballroom doors to the theme of ‘Jaws’.

This was worrying as lawyer David Lyman was also hovering around, having turned up with a helium filled shark which he led around asking people: ‘Ok what’s my profession?’

Managed to talk my way out of it by explaining that I was not a member of Drew Noyes’ camp.  Whisky Sours all round – an American version of God’s own drink.

Looking closer at the documents I see it included a list of people wanting to interview him about sums of money and a writ which ran to 30 pages.

A Flying Sporran Distraction.
Noyes, it appears, had resorted to calling another of his best friends a criminal. The best friend, not unsurprisingly, had turned, along with other AMCHAM members.

The writ from a court in Clark County, Nevada (a Las Vegas suburb) made harrowing reading. The suit is for defamation and cyber bullying.

‘He has bragged that he can break into anyone’s computer and read their email and other personal information. He has also threatened people by saying that he has personal information about them that would embarrass them.

‘He has represented himself as a powerful attorney with powerful Thai friends.
“He claims he has paid off corrupt Thai officials.

‘He claims he owns Noyes Realty (US$50 million capital) in North Carolina employing 20 people or more. (run by his sons 9 and 12, and his teenage daughter).’ 

But a photograph in the bundle showed ‘Noyes Building’, 613, Green Valley Drive, Wilmington, North Carolina as some sort of chicken coop at the end of a dirt track.

Also dropping out of the bundle was a copy of a restraining order filed under ‘Domestic Violence’ in the Superior Court of Orange County, California, exactly twenty years ago.

Noyes’ American wife, Timber Marie Reynolds, was granted a divorce on his ‘cruel and inhuman’ treatment.
(To put this in perspective Mr. Noyes will not be the first Pattaya-farang to have a restraining order placed against him, and this sort of activity would not normally feature on this site, but Mr. Noyes has made these accusations against other people. More of this later.)
Then there were bundles of documents relating to all sorts of properties in North Carolina, one or two apparently still being held in the name of Nittaya Chaisit Noyes – his ex-wife. Whoops! There also appears to be a Power of Attorney form as well. (N.B: I think Nittaya may owe a lot of U.S. tax.)

Anyway there was more to read here than in the British Sundays.
For instance there was this little snippet (left )out of the North Carolina archives. Noyes has gone on record as saying that he has never ever been investigated for assaulting women. He appears to have missed out a ‘not’ somewhere along the line.
So if you have any doubts about the claims, made by the Filipinas whom he employed at the Pattaya Times and PAPPA, this may ease them.

Noyes and Nittaya, the Thai wife whom he was said to have beaten up ( read below). Nittaya cannot read or write, which was useful for Drew who was handling her U.S. property with her PoA.
Seems Noyes was upset by a spoof and very funny video put up on the internet showing Colonel Gaddafi reading the ‘Pattaya Times’ saying the paper was a load of old, well, er, crap. There was also a ‘Hitler’ version.

After that appeared on Youtube, Noyes issued an hysterical letter claiming ‘a journalist with prior convictions for libel and defamation is behind this smear campaign’.

‘There are people  quoted on his site who have now told police they have never talked to Mr. Drummond,’ said Noyes.
“Many of us have tried to raise the perception of Pattaya – a wonderful international city. Drummond has used pictures of me with the Pattaya mayor, former PMs, the US Ambassador and many others and lied about the purpose of why we were together.
“These people are very upset at Drummond and I am sure I will be the least of his problems.”
(Former PMs? He’s elevating himself again)

‘Sorry for people who try to make foreigners look bad. There is not one positive posting on Drummond’s website out of more than 35,000 articles.

‘Long Live The King!’

(Only another 34,950 plus articles to write to fulfill that ambition and if anybody wishes to withdraw a statement please let me know.)
Indeed, so much for Pattaya’s supposed P.R. and the man who ran beer bars while he claims he was in service of the King.  
So why no show from Drew?  Well clearly he has been too busy trying to endear himself to the Mayor.

In the latest issue of his ‘Pattaya Times’ he runs a page about Mayor Ittiphol meeting his foreign advisors. Yes. You’ve guessed it!  These are, of course, the two likely lads again, convicted Copenhagen pimp Niels Colov, publisher of the Pattaya People, and the man himself, Drew.
Wife beaters?
(Interestingly correspondence in my possession, shown below, reveals that when Colov and Noyes were at the peak of their ‘hate each’ other days they both accused each other of beating up their Thai wives.)

Noyes to Colov :Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 8:01 AM
Disclaimer: We are not suggesting that at any time Colov beat up his wife or indeed maid. On the contrary in our last conversation with Laddawan, his ‘wife’, she expressed a hope that her wonderful husband would forgive her and that she could return to the fold, but she was penniless and had no money to pay back the alleged 3.8 million given by Briton Malcolm Leggett, now working in a rice paddy,  to invest in her money lending business.

 Noyes’ Divorce – Judges ordered him to pay the costs. The restraining order came later
But Back to the Pattaya Times
‘Tuesday January 24th was a very busy day for Pattaya Mayor Itthipol Kunplome and expat leaders Niels Colov, of the Pattaya People Media Group and Drew Noyes of PAPPA Law Office.’
(There is no such thing as PAPPA Law Offfice. PAPPA is registered as an accountancy firm and does not have a permit to practice law. What Noyes does is call his friendly lawyer when he gets a legal enquiry and adds his own fee to the bill).

Drew then runs across three columns his good deeds for Pattaya and lots of spiel about Pattaya’s role in ASEAN?

He says: ‘Mayor Ittiphol , Mr. Colov and Mr. Noyes discussed many ideas as they often do together.’

Then Noyes provides a whole list of other events he and Mr. Colov are apparently advising on. There’s even a picture of them advising the Mayor!

Colov & Noyes advising the Mayor of Pattaya on rice?
The ‘Pattaya Times’ also mentioned that the meeting was also attended by leaders of the ‘Father Ray Foundation’ which runs the ‘SOS Rice’ campaign – ‘one of the many community projects Colov, Noyes and the Mayor, have worked together on over the years’.

I had to turn to Pattaya One News however to discover this was not a meeting between the Mayor and his foreign advisors, but actually a press conference with the Father Ray Foundation to announce the results of a rice appeal to feed the kids at Pattaya Orphanage and to announce plans for a St.Patrick’s Day Parade.

In mid march readers can now expect some alterations to the Noyes’ ancestry from being at the right hand of William the Conquerer at the Battle of Hastings to being from some peat bog on the Emerald Isle.

Shameless Seamus O’Noyes, Celtic cousin of Mangus Evans.
* Should read 56 – see Letters
Brit ended up working rice paddy after going to Expat Club for advice


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