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February 24 2012
‘A Flying Sporran Enquiry’

American con-man Drew Noyes claimed he had a high security clearance to meet members of the Thai Royal family and a prestigious award from Thailand’s Queen Sirikit.

He claimed he had a Thai police award for marksmanship, an award for completing sky-dive and parachute training, and also that special Queen Sirikit Award.

Noyes, who had already fooled the city by claiming to be the only American lawyer to practice in Thailand and leading a law seminar at Pattaya City Hall, also tried to improve his links to the Thai Royal family, or at least show people he was ‘connected’.

And again this phony lawyer did it by jumping into the picture on visits by members of the Thai Royal family.

But today we can reveal that there was one time he was reluctant to jump. And he certainly did not get his wings for jumping out of an aircraft at 10,000 ft shouting ‘Geronimo’.


(Above part of his bio on naymz)

He got his ‘award’ when he took a dozen ‘colleagues’ along to the Royal Thai Army base of the 21st Queen Sirikit Division for a day out.  All his colleagues got the same award – a pair of silver wings to attach to a breast pocket. For the day out they each paid 10,000 baht each which went into buying some new computer equipment. Noyes however describes his award as a ‘service merit’ award.

Noyes proudly, standing second from right, wearing his wings, ‘rarely given to foreigners’. He did eventually jump, I am informed, but everybody else did, even the kid!

In order to gain the award, the guests of the army had to jump off a small training tower in a harness. But Drew Noyes initially lost his bottle.

One of the receipient of the award said: “Drew Noyes just could not jump. He was too scared. All the rest of us did it. We were shouting at him to jump, ‘Go! Go! Go!’ and then to the soliders to push him but he just stared in terror and then eventually turned back.”

Drew Noyes’ Awards as he states them on naymz

Drew Noyes posed for a pictures with his colleagues brandishing his new wings on his chest several of the foreigners later became victims of his scams. He apparently later did jump and has put this video up on But he is pushing the boat out a bit saying he completed parachute training!

Above – Drew Noyes’ high security clearance

This is the moment Drew Noyes backed down


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