Pattaya Times Reporter Deported to Brazil

American publisher beats ‘Boy from Brazil’

February 29 2012

 How can ‘Flying Sporran’ win against Thailand’s most decorated American?

An accredited journalist to Drew Noyes’ ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper is now back in Brazil after being arrested and deported by Immigration Police.

Brazilian Ivan Schiffer was arrested at Aranyaprathet and taken to the Immigration Detention Centre in Bangkok.

Immigration officers refused his offer of 20,000 baht to pay for his overstay.  Friends helped pay for his overstay and also helped pay for his ticket back to Sao Paulo.

Drew Noyes publisher of the ‘Pattaya Times’ was reported to be extremely pleased at this latest development.

Ivan Schiffer was previously a good friend of Mr. Noyes.  His crime was to warn a US citizen named, currently employed in a U.S. Navy project in Spain, who had paid Drew Noyes 15 million baht to open a business for him in Pattaya, that he was being conned.

Prior to his arrest at the border Drew Noyes sent Ivan Schiffer the following message: ‘You piece of shit. You want to play rough! You’d better be tough you spineless lowlife. I can tell you directly I am after you because you betrayed me and have no loyalty. Let’s see. You lied to Michael about me so when I see you behind bars I can spit on you…..unless something happens to you first.

‘Make sure to tell whoever is stupid enough to lend you 20,000 for your overstay that they won’t get it back because immigration will hold you for other reasons. Still laughing?’

Noyes had repeatedly put pictures out on the net and in the Pattaya Times of himself consorting with and being congratulated by and receiving awards from Immigration Police.

Noyes also wrote an alleged expose of Ivan Schiffer in the ‘Pattaya Times’.

Drew Noyes expose of Ivan in the ‘Pattaya Times’ does not hold up to much scrutiny

The so called investigation appeared to reveal that Ivan was manufacturing Primrose Oil in Pattaya without a U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp of approval. Read about the investigation here.

Comment. Is Drew Noyes on a roll?

Boy one minute one is writing for this paper, the next minute one is being exposed by it. What was Schiffer’s crime?  He was caught smoking weed (and fined) and he had apparently been making primrose oil without U.S. Department of Agriculture certification. Wow!

But isn’t it great when the publisher of a newspaper has nothing else to write he starts exposing his own staff!  Be careful out there now you little pseudo-hacks at the Pattaya Times. Your time may come the moment you stop lifting your stories off the internet!

This site does not condone people who break Thai immigration laws. Then again we do not condone people like Drew Noyes.

Let us not forget by the way ‘Geronimo’ – the native American (Red Indian) and biggest shareholder in the ‘Pattaya Times’  – He put in 1 million baht and all he got was a press card and jacket.   Anybody else got a Pattaya Times Press Card?  Come on. Do not hide it under a bushel.

Anyway to lighten up your day here is the latest Drew Noyes rant:

“A judge will start the process to close Andrew Drummond’s ‘hate site’ tomorrow.  He was a no show for the first 5 million law suit on Monday. Criminal charges are being processed as each defamatory and false statement is publish and comments will be traced by cybercrimes and a court order for Drummond’s members will disclose those hiding behind fake names.  It has been good to wait to see who climbs out from under rocks to support him and add lies.
‘We are starting to identify properties and assets of all involved with damaging Pattaya Times, my family and me. Civil suits will be filed in addition to any criminal charges against all concerned.’

Comment (cntd):Background: For those not up to date Andrew Drummond is being sued for libel and Drew Noyes is also seeking an order to block this site in Thailand. Drew Noyes is in turn being sued for libel and other charges have been laid.

I was of course fully represented at the court on Monday. We have blocked the judgment and have been given leave to present our case. Initially, I guess, all we have to do is attend the court to call three people to explain/justify the onus probandi (in this case.. lies) they have given to the court in depositions and also the actions they have taken per minas.

This is known in legal circles as the ‘actus reus lying toe-rag’ following which I expect the plaintiffs, cetus paribis, will become the defendants.

At this stage we expect Drew Noyes to submit a ‘reverse ferret’.

Drew Noyes and myriad lies

For a list of Drew Noyes’s Royal Honours, degrees, accolades, click here

 Drew Noyes and Myriad lies

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