Pattaya Publisher Drew Noyes Remanded On Bail – Editor Publishes Restaurant Review Of Crime Scene


Pattaya Times publisher Drew Walter Noyes has now been remanded at Pattaya Court on a charge of extortion. His newspaper does not record his arrest, but in a restaurant review this week a Pattaya Times ‘staff reporter’ describes the alleged crime scene.

Noyes, who was arrested a week ago in the News Steaks Restaurant & Grill in Thappraya Road, Jomtien, with Wanrapa Boonsu, his wife and editor of the Pattaya Times, has denied the charge and will be remanded every 12 days until the case is ready for trial.
The Pattaya Times ‘staff reporter’ sets the ambiance for the arrest.
‘This restaurant is low-ceilinged and almost low key with balanced and dimmed lighting. There is a private function space and a lovely outdoor area for alfresco dining. Following your greeting by the accommodating manager……you will soon discover this brasserie’s menu includes many selections taken from the culinary heritage of Sweden.
‘At our recent visit to this restaurant my friends and I could not resist ordering the pepper steak – a grilled beef fillet cooked to perfection and served with mixed stir friend vegetables which complemented the entree very well……..Part of the joy of dining at News is that you are treated equally whether you are a big spender, a regular customer, or just popping in for a Greek salad.”

Gourmands Drew Noyes & Wanrapa enjoy another dining experience over Songkran
With the scene set here follows the police report of the case presented to the court:

Place of memo made: Pattaya Police Station

Date/month/year of memo made: 9 March 2012 at 21.30 hours

Date/month/year of arrest: 9 March 2012 at 18.50

Place of arrest: News Steak Restaurant, Thapphraya Road, Nongprue, Banglamung, Cholburi

Another promotional review of the News Steak House
Arresting Officers: The arrest was made under command of Pol Col Nathawuth
Suwanlaong, Sup of Pattaya Police Station, Pol Lt Col Ratha Prathumkeaw Deputy Sup (investigation), Laenchabang Police Station, acting Sup (investigation) Pattaya Police Station, Pol Col Kritnat Thanasupanat Deputy Sup (suppression) Pattaya Police Station, Pol Lt Col Chitdaja Songhong Investigative Inspector, Pataya Police Station, Pol Cap Trongsak Petharn Deputy Investigative Inspector, SSgt ETC jointly made arrest on Drew Walter Noyes, age 56 years bearer of American passport number 444018009 with evidence of commission of offence as black brief case in cash of THB 100,000.
Crime Scene: where the arrested evidence as money was found is black brief case while the injured person was delivering to the accused under watch of the arresting team.
The charge was made against the accused that today (9 Mar12) while the police were on duty at the Pattaya Police Station the report was made by Michel Oscar Goulet, age 59 years of Australian nationality a bearer of passport number E4048655, the injured person who related his story that on 8 March 12 Drew Noyes came to see him at Thonglor Clinic (Pattaya-Jomthian) the place of business of the injured person where he exerted threat and demanded protection fee against life and for doing business in Pattaya of THB 7 million.
The injured person was of fear he therefore negotiated less payment until today Noyes set the meeting for payment at Pig & Whistle to negotiate to pay less than THB 7 million. It was finally agreed for THB 2.3 million (two million three hundred thousand); however, the money was not in place he therefore asked for the time to raise fund for this purpose. More time was given to the injured person.

With the pressure, he contacted the Pattaya police to ask for help. Consequently thereto the accused made a call to enquire about money to be paid for the protection from the injured person hence he negotiated to buy time further that he would need time to draw fund from the bank.
Thereafter Miss Kung or Wanrapa Boonsu (name was learned after the fact) whom we were informed is the wife of the accused made the cell phone number (number deleted) to call to the injured person to make sure about the amount of money to be paid was THB 2.3 million that the injured person would agree to deliver to them today.
The injured person then advised her that the money was not yet ready. It would take further while to draw money from the bank. Upon receipt of progress made by the injured person, the police then made report to the superior who was then made order for the prepare to arrest both accused namely Drew Noyes and Miss Kung or Wanrapa Boonsu.
The prep was drawn a plan that the injured person fetch cash of THB 100,000 to deliver to the accused. The injured person then set appointment for delivery of money at News Steak Restaurant, Thappraya Road, Moo 12, Nongprue, Banglamung, Cholburi. Detectives were sent to man the shop house led by Police Cap Trongsak Petharn, Investigative Inspector, Pattaya Police Station posing as customers.
Pol Cap Trongsak sat at a place where he could easily see money that was delivered. The rest of the police who manned the restaurant were in hidden places waiting for signal to charge the crime scene making arrest upon hearing the signal. Spare teams were assembling in private cars in front and behind the restaurant, not seen by the public. Once the preperation was in order signal was given to the injured person to walk into the restaurant to meet with Noyes and his wife.
At that time the accused was by himself without Wanrapa Boonsu. When the injured person met with Noyes they were chat to each there awhile until Pol Cap noticed that the injured person grabbed the black brief case contained with money of THB 100,0000 to deliver it to the accused he then gave signal to the arresting team to charge the accused and grabbed the black brief case as crime scenes evidence. The accused and his wife were therefore booked as:
Charge: Extortion
Date/month/year of crime occurred: 8-9 March 2012 continuously day and night time
Inquiry at the scene: accused denied all the charges

Bail was continued in the sum of Bt200,000 each.

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