Dramatic events apparently unfolded at Pattaya Court, Saturday. Here follows an exclusive report from our man on the spot – and in the witness box – the legendary Pattaya journalist ‘My Press Card Is Real’ Niels Colov


“Dear All,  I just came back from the Pattaya Court and met Andrew Drummond in person (I think) for the first time, and had a 15 min. conversation with him, during that time he lied to me twice.

First he mislead all of you when he posted here on this (his) website (he now claim that it is not his website but someone elses???)

When he told you that the court case to close his website in Thailand was dismissed before, and now filed for the second time, that was NOT TRUE, as the judge also confirmed to me, that it indeed was the same case, and only had been postponed until today, after my (part) testimony (I will testify more at next court meeting), the case was again postponed until 2. June 2012.

The second time Andrew Drummond told me a lie was, claiming that my Press Card issued by the Thai Authorities, was a fake, he said that in front of 4 people, who now can witness this when I present this grave allegation by Andrew Drummond, against the Thai authorities who have issued the Press Card, to the court in a seperate criminal case against him.

The “defence team” of Andrew Drummond acted totally out of control today, a translater who said he also was a lawyer, totally lost his temper when I wanted my Press Card back from him, he verbally abused me in front of the judge, and was subsequently ordered to leave the court room after he had given the judge his full apology, the lawyer of Andrew Drumond was jumping around in the court room and at one time crawling around on the floor in the corner of the room, very strange behaviour.

Outside the court room was a foreigner who told me that he was a free-lance photographer for Andrew Drummond, but later insisted (after all the chaos with the AD “defence team”) that he was not at all working for Andrew Drummond.  Indeed a very “entertaining” day in the Pattaya Court. (More to follow)

This is Niels Colov reporting for Pattaya People Media – where news runs all down your leg.

(Was that alright ed?)

Editor: Niels. We were awaiting more copy but I’m afraid you missed the deadline. Please note spelling of ‘Drumond’ ‘separate’ ‘translater’, elses. Incidentally that is three lies you claim, not two. But  a real lie might be for instance a person close to your heart saying: ‘I don’t lie’.

To the person who asked. Yes this IS a real account by Niels Colov. The only spoof part is the last sentence is in italics ‘Pattaya People Media where comes running down your leg” etc.. I guess some people found it unbelievable.

Andrew Drummond writes: I am afraid I could not provide an account of the proceedings as the judge imposed a bar on reporting. However I can confirm everything is on course, Noyes has now withdrawn his demand for blocking of this site and is now instead asking for stories to be removed. I am totally unaware of saying this site is not mine. Isn’t that my name at the top?

I have met Neils Colov many times. But he cannot remember. That’s okay. By the time all these proceedings have finished we’ll both have Alzheimers.

I do like Colov’s take on my ‘good guy, bad guy’ lawyers. I missed my lawyer crawling around in a corner of the room though. I can confirm there was a heated monologue from my lawyer. The lawyer wanted to present who actually Drew Noyes was and was brandishing judgments and cases filed against him in the US. But the judge barred questions not directly relating to their accusations. Judge seemed nice and fair though.

As far as I could tell the judge was not one of those dining with Drew Noyes, whose picture he used in the Pattaya Times, or the judge with whom, he says in the Pattaya Times, he is writing a book to discredit Andrew Drummond’s libels.

I can report that in negotiations outside the court Noyes quoted a list of witnesses he was bringing against me. They included Elena Wilson-Singer, Barry Wilson-Singer and Greg George.

Actually these are among  my witnesses and will be appearing for Noyes when hell freezes over I (more than) guess. (which is the same time as the journalist who allegedly said he was not working for me can expect to be paid). These witnesses claimed they were ripped off by Mr. Noyes and probably would not miss the libel case for the world!

Outside the court I told Drew Noyes I had no intention of removing any stories as they were there as a warning to the public.

“Who is going to save Pattaya from Drew Noyes?” I asked. “Who is going to save Pattaya from Andrew Drummond?” he flushed.

I was at the court with a colleague journalist Andy (the one who is not being paid)  to whom I had passed on a Nat-Geo film contract. Noyes has asked him: ‘Who have you been recently working for’.  He replied: “Nat Geo.”  “Oh very reputable but you work for him?”, said Noyes pointing to me with a sneer. “Why is Drummond hiding?” he asked. “Nobody can find Andrew Drummond!”  (Actually any journalist worth his salt can find me in minutes. There’s even a picture of my house on the net)

Both Noyes and Colov are under the delusion by the way that all posters on this site are Andrew Drummond. They clearly cannot believe people do not love them.

Things got funnier when Noyes pinned an American Chamber of Commerce lapel badge on my lawyer. The lawyer has been a member of AMCHAM for 40 years apparently. He had lost his own badge. Drew Noyes is no longer a member of AMCHAM, as the lawyer knows, but he once even claimed to be on their legal committee.

I did have a couple of minutes with Colov (not 15 as he claims. I got bored after two) I did ask him if he did not lie, was the judgment from the Danish Supreme Court in his case against the Jyllands Posten all lies? “No,” he said. “Its more complicated than that.”

As for his PRD Press Card. It was of the book type issued about 7 years ago by the PRD to foreign journalists with a renewal stamp issued every year. They have long since replaced it with a laminated one. This card has to be surrendered and replaced  every year and the journalist has to satisfy the criteria laid down by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that he is an accredited foreign journalist.  But the old PRD card was green. Colov’s was purple. I asked him to show it to me but he refused. I need to check whether PRD have a new category or card for the likes of Colov.

One thing for certain is that neither Colov or the Pattaya Mail have any association or membership with the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, which he claims weekly in his Pattaya People newspaper.

Lonne Jensen

Danish Supreme Court 2002– Summary of statement of Niels Colov

” Niels Colov explained that he was born in 1948. He lives in Pattaya, Thailand, along with his wife and three children.

He moved to Thailand for approx. 12 years ago. Together with his wife, he runs a company, Dragon Enterprises Co.. Ltd.., Inter alia, publishes a newspaper, local phone, tourist publications and website.

In addition, he has a small income from a personally run company Royal Jelly. He has an annual income of approx. 600,000 baht, equivalent to 120,000 kroner.

He regards himself as a reputable and respected in the community in Pattaya. He and his wife spend a large portion of their time on community activities.

He attends such in a service club, the local chamber of commerce and mediator in a provincial court. In addition, he leads scout and adviser to the country scouting boss and participates in charitable projects.

He is a Buddhist and vegetarian.

It is true that in 1970 he was convicted of violence, duress, receiving stolen goods, vandalism and pimping in Vesterbro porn environment. He was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment to be served.

He has not been questioned by police in connection with suspected drug-related crime. He knows the elusive R, since he has lived in Pattaya. He knows also R’s sister. He has spoken with L in connection with the case. He knows also F.”

Drummond: Hmm, complicated indeed. Yes there is a lot more to this.

For R read Rene Larsen – arrested Pattaya

For L read Lonne Fristrup Jensen, former Pattaya resident arrested Don Muang.

Leon Owild, pole dancing above, another career criminal friend of Colov, who may be ‘F’.  Otherwise no reason. Just a beef cake picture for the
gals women.

NB: For those confused about the light sentence given to Mr. Colov the following may be of use:

The Danish justice system is based on rehabilitation rather than punishment.  Writing in The New Statesman (September 4, 2006) Nick Pearce reported  that Denmark “does all it can to keep people out of jail, and once there, to  prepare them for life back in the community. Its sentences are short, but its  re-offending rates far lower. In Denmark, prison appears to work for the right  reasons.”

In his 2005 book, “Prisons and Prison Systems,” Michael P. Roth writes that  Denmark’s modern penal code can be traced back to 1930, when corporal and  capital punishment were abolished, as well imprisonment at hard labour.”

The average Danish prison sentence is just 6.2 months, with just two percent  of Danish prisoners spending more than two years in jail

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