The Flying Sporran Soars – Record viewers this month


Just to keep everyone up to date. I am sure there is a way I can get the viewer count to show again. But in the meantime the good news is that this site is soaring.

Soaring that is for a news investigation site which does not pretend to be a newspaper and is not a comprehensive news service.

Statistics show that this site is getting up to 7,100 hits a day and up to 126,000 a month. This week we have topped seven thousand once, topped six thousand twice, and also five thousand plus. The lowest recent figure when I write nothing at all has been just under 3000.

The  Alex Figures are as follows. Now compare this to my two chums on the Pattaya People and Pattaya Times down on the eastern seaboard.

It indicates they have little idea of what the heart and soul of a newspaper is on line or otherwise but then again why should they?

Of course we’re running quite far behind the Nation and Bangkok Post as expected because no news service is offered here and the audience here is much closer defined.

Whats more the reviews on Alexa are great.- except of course the one from Drew Noyes
The readership here is loyal, most often like minded, and sensible.  And if you need to know what goes on behind some stories this is the place to come first.

Interesting is the fact that this site has come from the 550 position in Thailand down to 322 in just a few months. And there are not many news sites between this site and the top.

And we’re getting mentions everywhere.

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Hits are strong coming from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya and worldwide of course mainly from the English speaking nations including Singapore.

Its seems this site is primarily becoming the voice of foreigners in Thailand, probably Britons especially because that’s where I am from, but this site is not for Brits. Its for all and we have audiences in Germany, Holland, Scandinavia, the US, Canada, and Australasia.

So once again thanks. And welcome to new readers.

And not forgetting our best friend