‘I will prove I am innocent’ says alleged ‘EVIL MAN IN KRABI’.

(Pic: ‘The truth is the truth’)

‘The Truth Is The Truth’ – says accused man.

Dutch television has been screening a recent video of the alleged ‘Evil Man of Krabi’ denying he had anything to the brutal rape attack on a 19-year-old Dutch model in Ao Nang on her 19th birthday.

The clip below would almost have come from Thai television.
The alleged attacker Chumpol Khaonuang from Koh Phangan, claims he will prove in court that he did not attack the model and his lawyers have applied to the court to have the young women to return to Thailand so she can be questioned.
The model identified Chumpol as the man who beat her brutally before raping her after she accepted his lift back from her birthday celebrations in a bar in Ao Nang.

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