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Mixed messages are coming from Brian Goudie currently holed up in Baan Lamai on Koh Samui. His Facebook entries are becoming more and more weird.

Take this for instance published today. ‘I may look calm but in my head I have killed you 3 times’.

I am not sure to whom he is addressing this, but I sure hope its not the guy who is pictured at the end of the following diatribe in which he apologises for I guess some earlier mood swing.

‘Our side? ‘Who’s we? And ‘more anonymous’ ???? Somebody help me please!

Brian Goudie, for those not up to date on this internet soap, is of course a Scotsman who has been claiming to be a barrister and a former Royal Marine officer, who came to Thailand, started a firm called Alba Laws, and who is currently facing the courts in Pattaya on two fraud cases.

This is not totally surprising because in Australia under the name Brian Goldie he was jailed for six years for defrauding his employer – a mining company.

This (right) is his earlier rant. I am trying to trace on the internet somebody attacking his family, two year old daughter, or his beautiful girlfriend. Nothing.

But I can see lots attacking his close friends, David Hanks, former owner of the Masquerades brothel in Melbourne, currently charged with an illegal money lending to Russians scheme, and the legendary Drew Noyes, currently on trial in Pattaya for extortion.

Perhaps he has gone into a ‘Noyes’ meltdown. Last week Noyes was trying to distribute leaflets saying Andrew Drummond had accused his ‘wife’ of providing oral sex to foreigners…. in Pattaya, I presume. Just what some people will do garner sympathy is unbelievable. I’m feeling really sorry for the wife  eh must wince every time he says it.

I see Goudie is still doing his lawyer bit. Its sad to behold. He accuses a poster called ‘Weapon’ of threatening to carve his name in his face with a Stanley knife.

Actually what Weapon did say was: “Goldie has a kind face, the kind I’d like to carve my name on with a Stanley knife”.  

That’s clearly not a threat, but Goudie, who operates two anonymous internet websites, rants about cowards who hide behind their computers.

Goudie then announces he is taking more cases against the owner of this site,  a chap called Ally who posts  here and also ‘Weapon’.  

He says if they get more anonymous he will sue the owner of this website. I’m not sure how we can tell when they get more anonymous. Ally, Weapon, what’s your anonymity rating today?
Goudie has had two cases dismissed,and failed to turn up for his latest ‘sue’ in Pattaya, and now he is claiming the following pictures have defamed him – but as usual he has not translated the copy which goes with the pictures, and we all wonder why.

In the Thai courts his track record fails to match his alleged prowess at the Old Bailey or the High Courts in London or Edinburgh. He has however announced he will be addressing the courts in Thai.

He has gone down the road with Drew Noyes convinced, that with an unlimited pool of cash, he is going to reduce a journalist to a bankrupt defending himself against silly cases. He has not warned his colleagues that there is a limit to how far you can do this.

Mrs Barbara Fanelli Miller of Madison, Wisconsin, better hurry up with her claim of US$300,000 of thereabouts – the cash that she says Goudie took from her insisting he was a lawyer who would get her son off child sexual abuse charges and out of Nong Plalai Prison.

Bear in mind the first case against me where Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu accused me of claiming that they claimed they had 500 companies. This was their translation of ‘Drew Noyes says his company is linked to Fortune 500 companies’.

But the bluffs have been called and now Noyes and Goudie will have to start commuting to Bangkok, where several cases have either been initiated and others will be within a couple of days, according to how Goudie would put it – ‘legal sources’.

Once again apologies for stoking this ‘soap’. I think its a ratings war!

But this from Goudie today.  ‘I’m tired of being different people’???

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