Flying Sporran’s Weekend Diary

People in court held back their titters but even the judge managed a smile as angry American Drew Noyes disowned what was claimed to be his mobile phone and number and said it belonged to staff and everybody used it.

Noyes, incidentally who has put up a website saying the author of this site has been sent to jail, was answering, or in the main not answering, questions about malicious sms messages sent to an English language teacher.

He sent messages asking for everything  he knew on British journalist Andrew Drummond and ‘his ‘conspiracies to defame people’, at which point he might consider withdrawing libel charges against the teacher whom, he said, ‘only because you are married’.


Noyes said the telephone number was not his or rather belonged to One Stop Service Center and every member of staff used it. The controversial message was sent after 11 pm

There then followed a debate as to whether he was the boss of ‘One Stop Service Center’ which he also appeared to deny to Pattaya Provincial Court.

Drew Noyes, boss of the now defunct Pattaya Times, admitted that he did not actually know the English teacher but the messages must have been sent by a member of his staff. His staff are obviously very diligent as this message was sent after 11 at night.

He was then asked well if he did not know the English teacher how did expect any members of his staff to know him?  No reply.

The Pattaya cases are historic. 11 out of 12 cases from Noyes and
associates have been defeated. The lost case is on appeal. The Samui cases
 have yet to be accepted. But a Noyes case against Ally Cooper
has been thrown out.

Noyes,59, a controversial American. who was exposed by the Morning Star in North Carolina for being involved in fraud, abuse of women, and bogus property dealing long before he came to Thailand, is suing a Bangkok English language teacher, who he claims was the owner of the internet forum SubZeroSiam, for libel and libel under the Computer Crime Act.

He claims a photo-shopped picture depicting himself and Scot Brian Goudie wearing leather pouches and little else in a gay parade, had ruined his reputation and business.  He was heterosexual.

Noyes – seething

The teacher denies being the owner of the website subzerosiam. And in fact the copy attached to the picture did not support the assertion that Noyes was gay if indeed that is a libel.

Noyes is notorious also for sending out malicious round robins using his email but in an earlier case brought by Andre Machielsen he also denied messages sent on that email saying also ‘Anybody in my office could have sent it’

Footnotes” If I were the judge I would have asked Noyes to bring out his phones put them on his counsel’s desk and press speaker ‘on’. – and then ring them. Noyes carries two mobile phones. The one in question usually goes to voice mail after which he will or will not call back the caller.

The lower courts in Thailand unguided appear to be getting closer and closer to making judgments on websites and now possibly newspapers based abroad. The SubZeroSiam site is an English language site which was registered and hosted in the United States, and which used to deliver to an English speaking audience.

The controversial ‘gay’ picture above is obviously photo-shopped and clearly taking the rise out of Drew Noyes (if that is the appropriate word). Nobody seeing it would believe he and Goudie actually took part in this gay parade together or indeed were gay. 

My interpretation, which may be wrong, is that the creator of the picture was saying that these guys are ‘ all fur coat and nae knickers’ or in English ‘all mouth and no trousers’.

The author of this website is also being sued by Drew Noyes for the same libel even though it was in a news story breaking the news that alleged boss of subzerosiam was being sued. That trial begins on April 21st.

But his cohort, former Melbourne brothel licensee David Hanks is suing Andrew Drummond on a case built mainly on a report in the Scottish-Sun. The question of course is are the Thai courts going to accept cases against articles in foreign newspapers which can be seen in Thailand. They really have not worked this one out.