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The international iron, steel, and aggregates conglomerate SCP Mining and Metals, is to close down all operations in South East Asia.

All assets are to be liquidated but job losses will be kept to a minimum, a company spokesman said today.

The UK company, which boasted offices in Piccadilly, London and Stevenage, Herts, and at one time also boasted operations in Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia, will close after a seven year run with Brian Goudie, 47, from Falkirk, Scotland as its Chief Operating Officer.

A spokesman at the company’s Stevenage headquarters attributed the company’s failure to the fact that its Chief Operating Officer Mr. Goudie had gone awol.

He did not give details but it may be because Goudie, having invented himself as a mining expert,  decided to reinvent himself as a British barrister in Thailand and entered the social scene with enthusiasm posing as an officer and a gentleman.

“There were no staff, or assets, or operations,” the spokesman said. “We do not want to be put in touch with Mr. Goudie. We were unaware of his past until recently.”

The company boasted a ‘hot rolling mill’ in Thailand producing deformed bars and round bars. These are metals and not connected with the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ in Pattaya held by Jimmy International, which Goudie acquired from former Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday.

It is understood that the company was formed in 2007 after Goudie approached a British financier telling him that he was an expert in mining.

However he did not tell him what his expertise was.

Under the name Brian Goldie he was jailed in Australia for six years in 2002 for stealing AUS$400,000 from a mining company there.

The collapse of SCP Mining follows the collapse with significant losses of another company called Cleenbore with some similar directors. This produced a gun cleaning kit which Goudie advertised had been bought by the US Navy. It had not.

The products were surprisingly similar to products produced by a company called Kleenbore – which were actually used to clean handguns.

Goudie had spent an ‘imaginery’ period as an officer in Britain’s Royal Marines which is where his expertise on guns appears to have come from.

At the moment Goudie is living on the island of Koh Samui directing the legal affairs of a fellow Scot David John Hanks, the former owner of Masquerades brothel in Melbourne in Keysborough, Victoria, Australia, who believes he has been libelled by the ‘Scottish Sun’.

He is also himself on bail of 400,000 Thai baht on a criminal charge of defrauding a 75-year-old woman out of approx US$300,000.

He was not immediately available for comment.

(Right: What Goudie might look like now)

Caution: Unable to start the development which he said was in progress in Bang Khao Bay Goudie is now trying to parcel off land and sell it plot by plot. Buyers should be aware of the ‘multi-ownership’ of this land. Currently the majority shareholder in an oddly structured company is Kevin Fisher – known in Pattaya as ‘Mr. Charity’.  However Bang Khao Bay is definitely not a charity.

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