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Drew Noyes, publisher of the ‘Pattaya Times’ and a man who claims many royal honours was today with his wife and Editor Wanrapa Boonsu charged with blackmail.
Noyes, 56, and Boonsu,29,  were arrested together at 449/227 Mu 12, Banglamuang, and charged with trying to extort a plastic surgery clinic on pain of bad publicity in their newspaper.
They had allegedly demanded seven million baht from the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien or they would publish a story saying the clinic was importing illegal drugs.

They did it! says clinic boss
Noyes was in the process of trying to close this site down by court action in Pattaya and so far had not exceeded.
He has already been exposed here for among other things inventing a false resumé including royal awards, cheating foreigners on property and visa deals, and illegally importing Filipinas to work for him, making sexual approaches, then after rejection, cutting their salaries in half.
Police carried out a sting operation on Noyes and Boonsu when they turned up at an American steak house in Thepprasit Road, Jomtien, to collect their first 100,000 baht of 2.3 million offered.
A press conference in Pattaya Noyes merited the presence of Police Major General Jamnon Rattanakhun, from Police Region 2 Chonburi.
Noyes already faces charges of libel in Pattaya, brought by Andre Michailsen, owner of Master Safety;libel and cyber bullying in Las Vegas, brought by a retired American airline Boeing 747 pilot, and he has been ordered to pay US$77,000 in a court in California, after selling a friend named as Tom Flannagan bogus shares.
He also faces charges of libel in Bangkok which involve concocting an interview with the head of the Crime Suppression Division to say that he was hunting down British journalist Andrew Drummond who was allegedly libelling a respected member of the the foreign community..himself.
News you can’t use!
Both Noyes and Boonsu were detained overnight in ‘Hewitt’s Hole’ the newly refurbished lock up at Pattaya Police station and  later bailed out in the sum of 200,000 baht each.
Drew Noyes, known by some as Rude Noise,  has requested other Pattaya newspaper editors not to run with the story but it is already up on Pattaya One and even on Thaivisa with whom he organised a ‘Legal Seminar’. 
Mr.Noyes has variously described himself as a lawyer, stockbroker, journalist, and the most friendly, re-assuring, honest, American, to have made Thailand his home.”
He is not a lawyer. He has been exposed for selling bogus shares, and his journalism degree appears to be a B Sc!…or rather B.S.
Andrew Drummond said today: ‘ While I would not wish to prejudice his trial that’s appears to be one down. But he’ll go screaming. He has no conception of his own behaviour.  At the moment my lawyers are considering perjury charges against a second Pattaya newspaper editor known for extorting foreigners.’
 Pictures: Pattaya Today & Pattaya One News

Now you see it!

Below: How Pattaya One ran with the story about Drew Noyes.



This was the link:

So what happened to the freedom of the press in Pattaya. Who is at work behind the scenes?

Which newspaper will publish this story?

How long will it stay up on

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