Shock Video Released on Dog Trade in Thailand

From Andrew Drummond,
Bangkok, April 3 2012

A shocking video featuring the capture, beating, and skinning of dogs in Thailand for the Vietnamese restaurant trade looks set to anger animal lovers worldwide.

Although Thailand is a Buddhist country, which frowns on the killing of any living being, the video released by a new organisation called the Animal Activist Alliance which plans to demonstrate in Bangkok on Thursday, April 5th, highlights the cruel side of this trade. 

It is not for the squeamish…and there is a longer version available.

Short version
This is the AAA Press Release.

 It’s Time For All Animal Helpers and Lovers To Speak Up For Animals!

 While we, the people of Thailand, live our happy lives in a fast developing country there are some living with us that do not live happy lives, but go through torture, pain and misery with no protection laws in place, the animals.

The Animal Activist Alliance or AAA is inviting all those who love, help or protect animals to join us on Thursday the 5th of April for a short protest to push for the acceptance of animal welfare law and animal protection laws in Thailand. The main objectives for the protest are;

 1. To show the concern of the Thai people for the lives of animals and their wellbeing in Thailand, whit handing over a petition with 10,000 signatures for a law proposal to parliament.

2. To inform and educate the Thai public on animal welfare issues and to ask for more public support.

3. To present evidence of animal torture that has been kept secret until this day.

 4. To show the international media and public that Thai citizens do care about animal wellbeing and animal rights.

5. To make government and the citizen of Thailand understand the problems animals in Thailand face and to present a solution in the form of animal welfare laws presented by several popular Thai celebrities.

What is AAA? The AAA is a newly formed alliance in Thailand with the objective of pushing for animal protection laws in Thailand, the introduction of animal rights and the stop to animal torture. The alliance currently has 24 member groups and organizations


Longer – Thai version

If you wish to help and save a dog from this fate you can contact the good people at the animal shelter who advertise on this site.  They find dogs and cats good homes.

Thumbnail Picture – Philip Blenkinsop