UPDATED:  July 18 2012

This page earlier presented an account of what I would be removing from this site in the light of an agreement made at Pattaya Court. This I have removed and updated and will present to the court on request.

It was presented because at the time Drew Noyes had still not published the judgment ordered by the court and still had not removed any libelous content from his site.  It was also published to clarify Drew Noyes’ claims.

When Drew Noyes did actually publish the judgment, long after it was published on this site, he published it in such a way as to suggest I settled a 5 million baht law suit under the headline:

 ‘Settlement of 5 millon baht law suit against Andrew Drummond’.

To this day in all his comments he has only alluded to actions required by the court of Andrew Drummond and none of the requirements required  of  himself.

On my recent return to Bangkok I noticed (1) that Drew Noyes has removed selected items from his site and (2) that he is seeking an injunction against me for contempt of court.

To cap it all Drew Noyes did not publish the judgment in his paper until July 19th.  And flagging the judgment above a front page picture of myself taken by the Phnom Penh Post and copied from he wrote the defamatory headline:

 ‘Discredited Tabloid Blogger Ordered Back to Court’.

In the story on page 8 of the Pattaya Time he stated

 ‘that the certified English translation is provided and approved by Drummond’s lawyer to stop the legal actions that were instituted against Drummond.’

Again this is not true. The translations were not approved by my lawyers. I did not settle because I was concerned about legal action.

I settled because the court clearly sensibly wished a settlement on cases which would drag on for years through the Thai court system and take up the time of a lot of people.

Moreover there is no need to state that the translations were approved by my lawyers unless one is suggesting there is something wrong with the translations.

He further states

(a) That a copy of the Contract of Compromise was inserted into the June 16-30 issue of the Pattaya Times.

That cannot be true because neither the plaintiff or defendant had translated copies of the agreement at that time and did not get them until the end of June.  Nobody I know has seen this item. However he clearly had a copy by July 1st and did not publish it in his July 1st issue of the Pattaya Times.

He further states that he apologised to Andrew Drummond on June 5th 2012 until June 21 2012 on the internet version of the Pattaya Times. Nobody has seen this apology not can it be found in cache on the internet.

He further states:

 ‘The plaintiff’s attorneys demand legal actions will be enforced and Andrew Drummond will be held by the presiding judge in contempt of court for violating the court order. ….the same judge stated that if Andrew Drummond violated the terms of the settlement to cancel the law suit against him, then the law suit would be re-established and that he would be sent to jail’.

While the same conditons apply to both parties I am unaware that the Presiding Judge singled out the defendant in this case.

Drew Noyes further suggested that I had admitted making libelous and false statements against him. This is not the case. There has been no such admission.

In publishing the agreement Drew Noyes in the internet edition of the Pattaya Times also added the following at the end of his story.

Drummond lies.

When clicking on this the reader is taken to an anonymous letter which states: ‘The many lies Drummond tells are magnified by his lie to the Thai authorities claiming he works for the London Evening Standard. The paper denies any connection.”

This is of course gross libel and another invention.

In addition Drew Noyes has been totally insincere in removing libels about myself from his website. His site contains a whole series of libels which he essentially has kept on the front page for months on end. He for instance still maintains I am the subject of a massive police investigation, a libel which was subject of as court action, which I agreed to drop as part of the agreement.

Following points 1 and 2 I have made amendments to this site in accordance with the wishes of the Pattaya Court and have instructed solicitors accordingly.

This of course means yet ANOTHER battle with Drew Noyes – so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again to readers for their contributions so far.

 I am  Thai court mediator – Neils Colov tells Danish Supreme Court

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Andrew Drummond is a British independent journalist and occasional television documentary maker. He is a former Fleet Street, London, journalist having worked at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, News of the World, Observer and The Times.

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