Nice to see today a letter in the Bangkok Post from Tommy Weapon, which is a scarcely veiled reference to the two chumps Drew Noyes, and Brian Goudie aka Goldie.

I am very cautiously optimistic that the powers that be are working on this case as we speak, but I stress cautiously optimistic, because the system here is erratic and I suspect those agencies actually working on corruption issues are on system overload at the moment.

But it remains incredible how this couple has survived for so long while up on criminal charges themselves involving cheating or attempting to cheat other foreigners, and that is an indicator to foreign criminals who have been moving here from Spain’s ‘Costa del Crime’ that Thailand is still indeed a very safe place for their ill-gotten gains.

Here’s Tommy’s letter:

I am wondering how long the Thai government is going to allow certain foreign criminals to reside in the Kingdom? There are two foreigners currently living in Thailand who have both fraudulently claimed to be lawyers and run law companies.  

They have cheated and swindled many people and paid not one baht in tax. The companies only exist to launder their ill-gotten gains. One of them currently residing on Koh Samui was thrown out of Australia after serving a jail sentence. 

He lives in Thailand under an assumed name. The other lives in Pattaya and was shameless enough to actually claim he was bought to Thailand by the King after the recession in 1997 to help rebuild the country. 

What is even more disturbing is both have taken out vexatious litigation claiming libel against a British journalist who was brave enough to expose their dirty dealings. 

They are making a mockery of the justice system, clogging up the courts with litigation designed to silence people who are trying to protect the public. 

I urge the new officials in power to have a close at these people, the expat community needs your help to rid Thailand of these undesirables.

Tommy Weapon 


Meanwhile, Brian Goudie, the Brian Goldie, who was jailed in Australia for theft from a West Australian company and who was on the run from Scottish police is up on the internet raving about his development in Bang Khao Bay in Koh Samui. 
This is one of the pictures. The for sale sign have of course been superimposed (photo-shopped) by someone else. But the warning is clear enough and correct.  He neither owns the house or legally owns the land. Last week a developer was offered the seaside patch next to this house saying is was up for sale because the last buyer had not made payments. Bang goes those seaside apartments he has been trying to sell on the net. Disclaimer: The author wishes to disassociate himself from the accusation ‘thieving scum’. He does not agree with the (under)statement.
Apologies to the real owner

COMMENT: A reader has written in to explain the meaning of peely-wally’. Perhaps it would be best if I used it in a sentence in the following few paragraphs.

Well I was sitting in the splendid ‘Einstein’ Cafe Bar at The Nine today and I could not help but burst out laughing thinking how upset fake lawyer Brian Goudie would be if he knew what I knew in relation to a future case.

That however was not the reason for the mirth – the mirth was actually caused by the fact that his former ‘lawyer’, actually more of a lawyer than Goudie because she will graduate soon, had jumped ship some months ago.

This was  shortly after he put her picture on the net with his hands between her legs as some sort of jolly jape.  He won’t be doing that again, I understand.

The last woman who jumped ship (the managing director of one of his phony companies) found that porno pictures of her featuring the said fake lawyer’s glaekit and peedy peely-wally member had been put on the internet in a fit of someone’s malice. A complaint was made by Pattaya Police, who are presumably waiting for someone to finance the prosecution, as she has little and quite frankly that does not get a policeman’s feet off the desk.

I had to say I almost burst out laughing again when I saw where the word apparently derived from in the 19th Century. (With thanks for to ‘The Golden Goldie Book of Tips on How To Sound Interesting On The Internet‘)

Coming soon: glaekit and peedy explained.

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