American ‘lawyer’ receives ‘distinguished recognition’ on Thai Law Day- claim

But is it true?

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August 15 2012

An American businessman and his Thai wife, currently facing charges of extortion in Pattaya,  have received ‘distinguished recognition’ at a ceremony to celebrate National Law Day at Pattaya Provincial Court – according to his Pattaya Times newspaper.

Three companies associated with well known ‘philanthropist’ Drew Noyes, who has been described on the internet as ‘the most reassuring and credible businessmen to make Thailand his home’*, were selected out of all the foreign businesses in Pattaya to attend a wreath laying ceremony outside the Provincial Court.

This adds to an incredible list of achievements for this one man sky diving power house which have been recorded here at and renders the extortion charge scarcely plausible.

The first three wreaths to be laid in honour of the father of Thai law Prince Rapee Pratannasak were from ‘foreign managed firms helping all nationalities in Pattaya and the Eastern seaboard’, said the report in the Pattaya Times,  known by those privileged to have seen it as the ‘Pattaya Sometimes’ due to its erratic publishing schedule.

This is a bit of a coup for the publisher who appears to have snuck into the picture just behind the Chief Judge of the court (right) . Noyes was described in an investigation carried out by the Wilmington Morning Star in the United States as a man of ‘myriad lies’ and a phony resume pursued by lawyers with unflattering allegations before he came to Thailand.

According to the report:

The PAPPA Law company led by managing Director Drew Noyes was ‘highly honored’ to be the first of the foreign guests to be invited to lay a wreath by Chief Judge Suchart Tansitorn at the statute of Prince Prapee Pratannasak outside the court, the newspaper reported.

“Pappa Co. Ltd senior lawyer Ekasit Phanutnok joined him as police, judges, district attorneys, military officers, the chief of Banglamuang District, Pattaya city lawmakers and hundreds of prominent Thai public sector leaders witnessed”, the newspaper reported.

“The second group called was the Pattaya Times Media Group and Editor Wanrapa Boonsu and publisher Charles Premasathira, of the Pattaya Times had the unique honor the lay (sic) the second wreath for the beautiful ceremony.”

“A newcomer on the scene was a group formed by Bangkok, Chonburi and Pattaya business leaders. 

“One Stop Centers Co. Ltd’s managing directors Rapeeporn Torpradit, Nataphon Panyakhananukul, and Philippe Venne were honored to lay the third wreath” 

The report concluded by stating that other people also laid wreaths including judges, city officials, and police.

This appears to be a remarkable turn around in fortune for these three beleaguered foreign-controlled companies.

The Pappa Co. Ltd, is not actually a law company, and thus not registered as such. The directors are Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu. No lawyers are salaried by the company. Indeed to operate in this way employing Filipina and other foreign staff without work permits, several of whom claimed they were also short changed, is a rare honour.

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu have been charged with extortion and will go on trial inside the court on February 5th (Black Case 3921/55) next year facing a possible 7 year jail sentence followed by deportation for Mr. Noyes. Noyes insists he has evidence to prove they were set up.

It’s alleged that the two demanded 7 million baht from Australian Michael Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien or face bad publicity in their newspaper the Pattaya Times. They strenuously deny the charges.

Noyes’ friend Niels Colov, publisher of the Pattaya People Media Group and leader of the Pattaya Police Volunteers has however said:


“I now am trying to help him in turn as much as I can. You know when we talk about Drew I believe he will get out of this case.

“I think you know there are as many people as possible putting their efforts together and will help. He will get out of this case.  That is my opinion.”

Mr Colov, who in Denmark was better known for his convictions and jail sentence for pimping, handling stolen goods and violence, has now reformed and risen througth the ranks of Pattaya society.  We can thus expect Mr. Noyes to be totally vindicated.

Mr. Noyes also faces court in November this year on a charge of libel against Pattaya businessman and children’s entertainer Andre Machielsen. It’s alleged he accused Machielsen of being a drugs trafficker.

Andrew (left)

Mr. Machielsen is a children’s favourite ‘Santa’ at Christmas time. His snowy white beard, he insists, is not artificially coloured by any other substance, so such claims could alarm parents.

He runs a busy security and home safety business in Pattaya.

Mr.Noyes is contesting the charge which relates to an alleged post from his gmail account to an internet website set up, or at least contributed to, by, it is believed, disgruntled members of the Pattaya City Expats Club.

The One Stop Service Center company promoted by Drew Noyes last month had to completely revamp its website after facing legal action when it dishonestly used a promotional video by the B.O.I’s One Start One Stop Service Centres (OSOS), to promote its own business.

While Drew Noyes may add this day to his honours list on, he is not actually a lawyer, which makes his new ‘distinguished recognition’ even more noteworthy.

Footnote: The Pattaya Times appears to have a new publisher according to its report. A post on the website subzerosiam stated last week that Mr.Noyes had sold all his shares in the newspaper.

Similarly new names have appeared in connection with ‘Onestopservicesthailand’.

Finally here as a poster points about below is Michel Goulet with the Deputy Mayor of Pattaya at a recent promotion for the Thonglor Clinic, Jomtien. The delivery by Howard Miller leads one gasping for breath!

* Drew Noyes starter pack

*Drew Noyes Video Pack

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