As I anticipated American Drew Walter Noyes,61, is heading for legal action as he is ‘feeling mad at Home Depot, 5511, Carolina Beach Road, Wilmington, North Carolina.’

He claims a pole snapped, and knocked him out. Now, he says, he has 6 months’ memory loss and his dentist, he claims, says 5 teeth need fixing.
The memory loss appears not to have affected his ability to remember what happened to him in the store. Will he remember the birth of his latest by his umpteenth Thai mistress?
Lawyers for Noyes should of course be aware of his fame in Wilmington where he was subject to an investigation by Scott Gold of the ‘Star’ way back on April 1 1995 who described his auto-biographical details as a ‘myriad of lies’, and then went on to expose he dodgy share dealings and property deals and of course alleged sexual harassment of a junior member of staff by demanding oral sex if she wanted to increase her hours.  (Wilmington Star Pages 1 and 4 ‘Trouble follows developer)
No doubt he will be claiming he is the boss of a law company in Thailand. I trust Home Depot will disabuse themselves of that one quickly.  
Lawyers in Thailand will be happy I am sure to furnish Home Depot’s attorneys with the relevant court convictions for extortion and the arrest warrants now against him for extortion and making false accusations.
And should he actually win a case of negligence against Home Depot – well there are plenty Americans whom he has duped who will have a claim on that cash.

Unable to work since Sept 16 because a 3 foot 30 lb steel rod snapped on a chain and flung into my forehead, nose and teeth at Home Depot while checking lumber as instructed by 2 store employees. 

This recording Home Depot employee seems to say the injury to me “was the worst he has seen” and he never saw anything like what happened to you (me)….it has happened many other times in other of the hundreds of Home
He also says employees were prohibited by Home Depot policy to take me to the hospital. Instead, he called a nearby Urgent Care Clinic and gave me driving instruction to it. I did.

That clinic told me they must direct me to the emergency hospital because of concussion stating I urgently needed medical care for my face and a CAT scan- not an X-Ray as the Home Depot guy told them on the phone – for possible injury my brain.  

This detour in the opposite direction from the hospital cost me valuable time. My body was almost completely drained 

After a few minutes I pulled off the highway and made a video dying declaration just in case. Then drove very, very slowly.

When I stumbled into the Regional Hospital Emergency Room the attending immediately put me in a wheelchair pushed me ahead of other patients directly to a hospital room for CAT scans and to clean and close facial lacerations.
On the 27th my doctor told me my concussion caused my poor equilibrium, lethargy, fatigue, confusion, headaches and memory loss which may return in months and in a rare case never return”.

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Andrew Drummond is a British independent journalist and occasional television documentary maker. He is a former Fleet Street, London, journalist having worked at the Evening Standard, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, News of the World, Observer and The Times.

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