‘Either the ‘ballsiest’ person ever or a complete mental case’

Police in the Thai eastern seaboard resort of Pattaya have taken a statement from Tim ‘Sharky’ Ward, who has been besieging the main police station making allegations that police stole his gold and tried to set him up for drugs.

After the local police chief retaliated suggesting he could be deported for his offensive behavior, Ward, a former loan shark and club owner of Australia’s Gold Coast, came out of the police station at 3 am today a happier man.

Police had finally taken a statement from him and he reported: “I may have been given a bunch of lemons. If so I plan to make some lemonade”.

The latest moves followed the intervention, he says, of a well-known and highly respected Pattaya businessman whom he describes as a person ‘You don’t have to talk like a child to.’

“He told me that I can carry on fighting the world all by myself – in which case I might get shot or deported or both – or I can divert my energy to other matters.  He said either I was the ballsiest person he had come across or I was a complete mental case.”

The jury is out on that one. Ward told ‘Sneaky TV’ last week that he was a poster boy for mental illness.

There were six people inside his head, he said, all of whom hated Pattaya Police. On the other hand he makes perfect sense.

If the truce lasts his demonstrations will have worked.

Ward will return to Pattaya Police station on Friday to meet senior police from Chonburi and sign the statement after he has checked the English translation.

The discussions with the local businessman came after Ward turned down numerous offers for help from ‘foreigners who had Thai wives who were police generals or something like that’.

Meanwhile Sneaky TV are editing a piece which should go up on the net next Monday.

A report run by Niels Colov’s Pattaya People Media Group accusing Sharky of breaking a cameraman’s strap and damaging a camera has been removed and says Ward, he has subsequently received an apology.

Ward had been threatened with prosecution after the journalist made a statement. The video, says Ward, actually shows the journalist attacking him.

Sharky is not currently in love with the Australian media either.

 “I gave an interview to a journalist from the Gold Coast bulletin lasting over an hour. She then lifted reams from a website set up in my name which is not mine, without checking.”

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