Flying Sporran’s Weekend Diary (Noyes Update)

Wayward American Drew Noyes is currently in an internet frenzy as he awaits with his ‘Thai wife’ Wanrapa Boonsu the result of his conviction for extortion which is currently at the Thai Appeal Court.

Noyes, who with Boonsu, was sentenced to jail for two years, due in no small part to the assistance of this site. is currently going ape all over Facebook claiming I am on the run for accusing Pattaya businessmen of false crimes.

There is of course nothing false about the crimes of Drew Noyes, who was exposed in the Wilmington Morning Star in North Carolina twenty years ago and has not been able to work in the United States ever since. But who are all these other Pattaya businessmen? – He claims there are 30.

That would maybe about the right figure for Pattaya ‘businessmen’ exposed on this site but I have yet to see any writs. I would have to say Drew Noyes looked like a pretty guilty businessmen when he was arrested for extortion.

He also claims of course he came to Thailand by ‘Royal Proclamation’ and that he was an American lawyer. These myths were dispelled a long time ago – but as an indication of how enraged he is at his exposure one needs to check out his latest post which shows how frenetically he is tapping the keyboards, probably even banging them.

Last night for instance he made 11 edits between 6.54 pm and 7.19 before going out to tell everyone to read of the latest crimes of Andrew Drummond. 

I noticed he decided to delete the 100 crimes of Andrew Drummond and delete the 12 convictions.

However if you read the post he says among other things:

“Drummond was caught posting Trash for Cash by admitting he was paid to defame people by competitors.”

I admitted to Drew Noyes all this? I do not know what it is with this guy at all. He thinks every foreigner came to Thailand for the same bad reasons he did. 

And “Posting on the internet as real news stories altered photos to implicate innocent people of guilt in articles with fake quotes and false accusations.” More than 30 victims have criminal cases against Drummond including some children.”

Kids? Good god are Drew’s kids now queuing up at Pattaya court? If anyone should be doing that it should be the one he had by his wife’s 14-year-old niece.

“US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents as well as Homeland Security in the United States have been but (sic) on notice to detain Drummond before entry snd (sic) to notify Thai police. Thai Airways may provide a flight to return Drummond to Thailand to serve his sentences.”

Well there are no sentences to serve of course but I’m all for a free Thai Airways flight, or even something to increase my air miles.I don’t think Homeland Security are talking to Noyes – but the IRS certainly so.

This is followed by a letter from his former squeeze, Warichaya Pharawech, better known as Nam from the Buffalo Bar –  (The Buffalo bar site is under reconstruction after Noyes claimed his wife was pictured in their gallery of hostesses). She says in Drewspeak:

“Me and another Thai lady and her kids have criminal cases against this liar Andrew Drummond. . We all want the police to catch him. Andrew is a very bad man. He writes lies to hurt people to make him look big. I am a college educated and licensed Thailand Insurance Broker and he calls me a bar girl. Not polite. Not true. Very bad man from England who come to my country to make problems then run away.”

Seems like Noyes is losing control. Nam an educated licensed insurance broker?

Well Drew Noyes did give her a job in his Pattaya Lawyers, One-Stop-Service, One-Stop-Legal Service offices. And she is a more scheming educational step up from his ex-wife who could not even read or write Thai. But this is something of an exaggeration I fear.

 I have not a clue who the other lady is. But Nam is being sued I know.

#DrewNoyes apparently is offering US$5000 for my whereabouts’. For heaven’s sake take the cash first before you tell! You might even get the country right!